Do I need to insure my RV for the entire year if I only use it in the summer?

An RV is a great way to travel around the country while keeping your independence. Many people retire and use their RVs as their primary residence, staying wherever they want for as long as they want. If you only want to use your RV for summer months, you may be trying to find ways to cut expenses.

Seasonal Insurance Policies

As with any other vehicle driven on public roads, all RVs are required to have basic liability insurance. As a resident of Mt. Ephraim, NJ, you may want to travel during the summer to take advantage of the pleasant weather. When you go to Marino Agency Inc. to obtain your policy, you may wish to obtain other types of coverage for the times when your RV is not on the road. It is sometimes possible to have coverage for the times when you will be using your vehicle. If you plan on storing it away for the winter, the plan could possibly be put on hold until the warmer months start to emerge.

Things to remember and requirements that you may need to continue

  • Towable RVs are not driven, so they do not necessarily need to be insured unless they are being financed.
  • If you are financing your RV, it is probably part of the terms of your agreement that you maintain full coverage until you have finished making payments. Your lender may even purchase an expensive policy for you if you fail to do so.
  • Even when you are not driving your RV, it is vulnerable to different kinds of loss. If left outside, your RV could be damaged by storms or vandalism. Even if stored safely in a closed structure, your RV could be destroyed in a fire.

Your RV is one of your most valuable and valued possessions, and it makes sense to protect it. Please contact Marino Agency Inc. in Mt. Ephraim, NJ if you are in or around New Jersey and have any questions about obtaining coverage for your RV.

3 Ways to Protect Your Motorcycle

Protecting something as portable as a motorcycle in Mt. Ephraim, NJ may seem like an exercise in futility, but there are ways that you can bring your odds of theft or damage far lower than you think. Marino Agency Inc. wants to provide these strategies to protect your bike.

Better Parking Strategies 

Motorcycles fit practically anywhere you put them. In fact, they’re a veritable joy to park. But when you take too many liberties with your parking spaces, you may end up sacrificing the safety of your motorcycle. Stay within brightly lit areas, so that you’re less likely to have a problem. You may also want to take an impromptu motorcycle driving class so that you know how to maneuver your bike and learn how to handle it better.

Invest in a Tracker 

GPS tracking devices may have been too large and awkward to put on a motorcycle in the past, but that’s all changed now. Today, they are relatively small and inconspicuous. It is easy to hide them on your bike which will allow you to track your motorcycle in the event of theft.

Consider Your Motorcycle Insurance 

Getting motorcycle insurance protects other drivers from any mistakes you make on the road, but it can also protect your bike as well. From natural weather events to theft and vandalism to just plain bad luck: there are policies that you can get that will make it easier to keep your bike in one piece. Call Marino Agency Inc. if you live near Mt. Ephraim, NJ and need a way to keep your motorcycle safe.

How Quickly Do You Need to Add a Baby to Your Health Insurance Policy?

Having a baby is one of the happiest days of your life. However, having a baby also raises a lot of questions for new parents. One of the questions that we at the Marino Agency Inc., serving the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, is how quickly do you need to add a new baby to your health insurance policy. Here is some information you will want to know.

Your New Born and Health Insurance

In most cases, you have 30 days to add your new baby to your health insurance policy. If you fail to add the child to the policy during this time, you may give up the right to add the child to your health insurance plan until the next open enrollment period.

If you are hospitalized for a serious condition after the birth of your child, or your child is hospitalized, you may be able to get up to 60 days to add the child to your health insurance policy. However, it is best to ask before assuming that you can do this to ensure you add your child within the correct period of time. 

It is important to note that different health insurance plans have different requirements. If you are expecting a child, take the time to call your health insurance company and ask how soon you need to add your baby and what information you need to provide to add your child. 

Having a baby is considered a life-changing event, allowing you to change your existing health insurance or buy a policy if you do not yet have one. If you are looking for a new health insurance policy, contact Marino Agency Inc., serving the greater Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, now for a quote. 

Benefits of Having Flood Insurance

When floods occur, they cause financial losses in homes and businesses. Although most homeowners in New Jersey have basic policies for their properties, the coverage is not entirely adequate because they do not include flooding. The following are some reasons why flood insurance is required.

Assured compensation

The effects of flooding can leave homeowners in Mt. Ephraim, NJ and other places with financial strains. Flood insurance coverage provides compensation for all the losses included in the policy. The nature of compensation depends on the policy and what it caters for. Federal authorities may fail to recognize some flooding disasters as national issues, and therefore the victims may miss out on relief. With flood insurance coverage, you have the assurance of getting adequate compensation for your losses.

No payback required

Most of the relief granted by the federal government during disasters are repaid as loans by the victims. The payback can affect your finances for a long time. Flood insurance compensation in New Jersey is not a loan and policyholders usually get full payment.

Does not use tax money

The taxes collected by the authorities are for regional and federal development. When that money is diverted to help flooding victims, it increases the financial burden on taxpayers. Insurance compensation does not involve taxpayers’ money but is paid from premiums by policyholders.

Continuous policy

Flooding insurance policies in Mt. Ephraim, NJ are ongoing, and one does not need to cancel or renew them for recurrent flood disasters.

When a person is affected by flooding or other disasters, it is hard to handle issues such as preparing compensation claims. Marino Agency Inc. has qualified professionals who can assist you with choosing the right types of policies as you continue with the businesses of your life. It is possible, in some cases, to get partial compensation to help you get on with your life immediately.

For more information about flooding insurance, visit our offices or give us a call. Our agents can help answer your questions.

How can I prepare my condo for fall in New Jersey?

As seasons change, taking the time to prepare for cooler weather can make your Mt. Ephraim, NJ fall days comfortable and festive. Our agents at Marino Agency Inc. is here to answer questions about protecting your condo through the seasons.

Clean it Up

Open the windows and get busy cleaning. Now is the time to deep clean the oven, refrigerator, and bathrooms. Chemical cleaners are tough on allergies and asthma without proper ventilation. Take advantage of cool, breezy days to finish your fall deep clean.

Fall Back on Your Detectors

Fire departments around the country have urged residents to use the time change as a reminder to test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Check the batteries and replace as needed.

Keep a Shovel Near the Door

Depending on your space, a small shovel can come in handy to clear a stoop or walkway. It’s also a good idea to clear snow from balconies and patios to prevent water damage as the snow melts.

Check for Drafts

Save energy and money on heating by sealing up drafty windows, doors, and outlets. Clear plastic kits are available that are way more affordable than window replacement. Door strips and foam sealants also work to keep drafts out.

Clean the Dryer Vent

Hot air needs to vent somewhere. Even the best lint traps allow tiny particles through that gradually build up in the duct. The dryer has to work extra hard to force air out, making overheating and equipment failure a real threat. 

Your team at Marino Agency Inc. is your go-to source for questions about protecting your Mt. Ephraim, NJ condo. It only takes a few minutes to prevent the loss of funds or property down the road.

Using Insurance to Protect Your Family on Your Boat

When you think of your boat, you probably think more about what you’ve done on it and who you were with versus how much horse power it has in the engine or how wide it is from end to end. From tubing with your kids to fixing a leak entirely on your own, it’s natural to want to keep your boat protected with as many safeguards as possible. So how can insurance help you do this? See how getting the right policy in Mt. Ephraim, NJ can make all the difference. 

Patching It Up 

Most of the time, you’re probably your own best handyman to call upon. There are some things that a little elbow grease and ingenuity can take care of, and you’ve probably got the vast majority of it all covered. However, what happens when you have a major problem you can’t solve on your own? When the damage has gone beyond your handyman limits? The right insurance policy can get everything fixed right away, so you don’t have to take your boat out in subprime conditions. The longer you wait, the worse your boat will continue to get. Marino Agency Inc. wants you to have the best possible means to keep your family in total safety when on the water. 

Reaching Out 

From minor accidents with other boats in a crowded harbor to massive damage from a summer storm, it’s time to give us a call to ensure you have the means to face any potential danger that may come your way. If you live in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, then now is the time to take the next step in getting help. Marino Agency Inc. has a staff that’s here to keep you, your family, and your boat from harm. 

3 Ways Life Insurance Can Protect Your Family

You should always be looking at ways to protect your family. When you live in New Jersey, life insurance should be something you have. Whether it’s term, universal, whole, or any other type of policy, you need something in order to provide financial protection.

A Peace of Mind

One of the main reasons to have life insurance is to provide peace of mind to everyone. You never know when something is going to happen. If you were to die suddenly, would your family be able to carry on? With a way to pay all of their bills? Having a life insurance policy provides you with peace knowing that if something were to happen, you would be able to still take care of your family via a death settlement. While you hope that nothing ever happens, it’s best to have the protection in place.

Death Settlement

In the event of your death, your family is going to look at life insurance as a way of getting the money that they need to cover finances. Without your income, it might make it difficult to continue living at the level they are accustomed. A death settlement can be used to cover funeral expenses, mortgage payments, college for kids, and much more.

Our agents at Marino Agency, Inc. in Mt. Ephraim, NJ can also help you to calculate the best death settlement based on your age and your current level of finances.

Retirement Protection

Depending on the policy you get, you can also have retirement protection. Whole life insurance policies will provide you with retirement income because of the cash value associated with them.

At Marino Agency, Inc. in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, our goal is to help you find the policy that works best for you and your family. Call today to learn more about life insurance and what fits best with your budget.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Commercial Insurance?

Not every business is required to carry commercial insurance. If you are renting the building you conduct business in, and if you are not using any vehicles for the business, you may not be required to carry commercial business. However, at Marino Agency Inc. serving the greater Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, we see a lot of small businesses who forego coverage, and later wish they did not. Here are a few of the reasons why small businesses should consider this coverage, even if it is not required.

Commercial Insurance Protects Your Investment Against the Unexpected

One of the most heartbreaking things to see is a small business owner who sunk their whole life savings into their business and product, only to have it destroyed when the building went up in flames or a thief burglarized their store and took expensive items that the owner could not replace. Commercial insurance provides coverage against these losses, ensuring the business owner is not ruined because of something that they had no control over.

Commercial Insurance Covers Key People Who Can’t Work

The other coverage that is important for small businesses is key person coverage. Many small businesses are run by a family or their partners. If one person were to get sick for a long period of time, the business would either need to close their doors during periods of time or hire someone, both options they may not be able to afford. Commercial insurance helps to compensate for these losses, ensuring the business does not have to shutter their doors because someone unexpectedly could not work.

Are you looking to obtain a new commercial insurance policy in the greater Mt. Ephraim, NJ area? Then let Marino Agency Inc. help. Give us a call today to discuss your insurance needs or ask any questions you may have concerning your policy.

Is A Sports Car Worth The Insurance Premiums?

Generally speaking, if you can afford a sports car and everything that entails, the pricier repairs, the scarcity of the replacement parts, the high-maintenance nature of these autos, then you can probably afford the insurance. If you’re not living beyond your means, if you have a great job, and you can cover all of the expenses of owning a sports car, then Marino Agency Inc. can help you to get a fair deal on the coverage for your ride.

If you haven’t bought your dream car yet, then it may be worth considering all of those additional expenses before making the purchase. Maybe you can afford the payments, but owning a Jaguar is more expensive than owning a Ford Explorer for a number of reasons.

The higher premiums associated with driving a sports car in Mt. Ephraim, NJ owe to a number of factors. You may be the safest driver in the world, you may have your sports car outfitted with a roll cage and all the latest safety accessories, but the perception of sports cars as being more dangerous has a major impact in how the industry treats high-powered car owners.

If you want to save money on insuring your Corvette or your Lamborghini, you’ll want to use every trick in the book to prove you’re a safe bet, such as:

  • Defensive driving courses (this can even strike points from your record)
  • Backup cameras and full airbags
  • Anti-theft devices (thieves love sports cars, and this drives the premiums up)
  • Keeping your record clean

Ask your insurer about discounts and see which ones you qualify. Insuring a sports car is worth the extra cash if you have the income, but saving a few dollars never hurts. For any questions regarding your sports car and auto insurance, reach out to our agents at Marino Agency Inc. We can help you find the right coverage for all your auto needs in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area.

Tips to Changing a Flat

No one wants to have the experience of changing a flat tire in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, but flats are part of driving, and at some point, everyone has one.  Every driver should know how to change a flat, even if you have roadside assistance. Here are some tips to make changing a flat safer and easier. 

  • Be prepared.  Make sure the jack is good quality, there is a lug wrench, a large flathead screwdriver, emergency flares or triangles, and the spare is in working order.
  • Pull off the road to a safe area that is either off the road entirely or as far off the road as you safely can. Roadsides can be a dangerous location. 
  • Make sure you can be seen, so use flares or triangles and open the trunk or hood to let drivers know you are doing something.
  • Get your equipment out and ready.  Use the flathead screwdriver to pop off the hubcap carefully and expose the lug nuts.
  • Loosen the lug nuts and then use the jack to raise the corner of the car.  For a newer vehicle, you will likely need the owner’s manual to show you where to place the jack.
  • Remove the lug nuts and the tire by pulling it directly towards you.  Replace the tire and finger tighten the lug nuts. Lower the car, remove the jack, and then fully tighten the lug nuts. Tighten them on opposite sides of each other and work your way around.
  • Double check you’ve picked up everything before leaving.

Marino Agency Inc.

The agents at Marino Agency Inc. in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area care about your safety.  We want you to be fully covered in case of an accident. Contact us today to discuss your auto insurance options.