How can I prepare my condo for fall in New Jersey?

As seasons change, taking the time to prepare for cooler weather can make your Mt. Ephraim, NJ fall days comfortable and festive. Our agents at Marino Agency Inc. is here to answer questions about protecting your condo through the seasons.

Clean it Up

Open the windows and get busy cleaning. Now is the time to deep clean the oven, refrigerator, and bathrooms. Chemical cleaners are tough on allergies and asthma without proper ventilation. Take advantage of cool, breezy days to finish your fall deep clean.

Fall Back on Your Detectors

Fire departments around the country have urged residents to use the time change as a reminder to test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Check the batteries and replace as needed.

Keep a Shovel Near the Door

Depending on your space, a small shovel can come in handy to clear a stoop or walkway. It’s also a good idea to clear snow from balconies and patios to prevent water damage as the snow melts.

Check for Drafts

Save energy and money on heating by sealing up drafty windows, doors, and outlets. Clear plastic kits are available that are way more affordable than window replacement. Door strips and foam sealants also work to keep drafts out.

Clean the Dryer Vent

Hot air needs to vent somewhere. Even the best lint traps allow tiny particles through that gradually build up in the duct. The dryer has to work extra hard to force air out, making overheating and equipment failure a real threat. 

Your team at Marino Agency Inc. is your go-to source for questions about protecting your Mt. Ephraim, NJ condo. It only takes a few minutes to prevent the loss of funds or property down the road.