Do You Need to Re-Evaluate Your Life Insurance Annually?

Life is consistently changing in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, and so does your life insurance needs. Like any investment, you want to give your life insurance some attention once a year to ensure it fits your current needs and to make certain your premium is at the lowest cost. 

Here are a few items to evaluate:

  • Your job status – changes like a promotion or demotion, a pay raise or pay cut can make a difference in the amount of life insurance you need. If your income has changed, then your life insurance may need to change. If your retirement date has shifted, then you also may want to change the policy term.
  • If your home mortgage has been a factor in your life insurance, then any changes to your mortgage need to be assessed. Maybe you’ve paid off your home, or perhaps you have a new vacation home. These items should factor into your life insurance.
  • Changes to your health need to be reported. If you’ve lost weight, reduced your cholesterol, or stopped smoking, these are all things you want to communicate. If you’ve had a chronic illness that has stabilized or you’ve been diagnosed with an illness, it’s time to re-evaluate your policy.
  • When you review your life insurance for the year and report any changes, it’s also a great time to explore life insurance policies for the best possible rate. Competition can lead to similar coverage at a lower rate.

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