Do Motorcycles Really Need Liability?

You love your bike. You take it as often as you can. The roads of Mt. Ephraim, NJ, are your playground. Unfortunately, the fun of your bike comes with extra responsibilities — like insurance. You might wonder if the small, light bike you drive is really a liability threat. So, to address those concerns, Marino Agency Inc. is here to explain the necessities of liability coverage.

Requirements Vary By State

Vehicle insurance is governed by state law, so changing states changes the legal requirements. Drivers in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, will have minimum coverage requirements for bodily injury and personal property damage. These both fall under the umbrella term of “liability,” and unless you have adequate coverage, you can’t register your motorcycle. Curiously, there are a few states in the country that don’t have these requirements. But, while you can register your motorcycle in states like Florida and Washington without proof of insurance, they still have specific requirements for you to ride legally.

You Need it Regardless

The big thing to remember is that state laws don’t determine what kind of coverage is sensible. They only set minimums. The truth is that motorcycles are at a lower overall risk of harming others or damaging their property. Cars are bigger, heavier and less agile, and all of that makes them require more liability. That said, motorcycles are not fully exempt from risk. The type of motorcycle you own and how you drive it can seriously impact how much damage your bike can cause in a worst-case scenario. You know the old saying about riders and ditching their bikes. Imagine if your ditched bike could cause a wreck in the middle of traffic.

The best way to really determine how much liability you need is to talk with an expert. Your Marino Agency Inc. representative can help you see the true level of risk to you and your bike and help you see reasonable options that leave you protected.