What does a renters insurance cover?

Contrary to popular beliefs that insurance is only meant for homeowners, you can still ensure a rented home or apartment. Most tenants are naive about the importance of renters insurance, and this article seeks to clarify some of the important risks covered by this type of insurance. Renter’s insurance from Marino Agency Inc. is designed to protect the personal properties of tenants in case of a covered loss. It may cover liability, loss of personal items like electronics and furniture, and additional living expenses in case you’re forced to vacate your rented house for some time as the unit is being repaired or as you seek a new home.

If you’re renting an apartment in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, it’s important to protect yourself financially in case of unforeseen disasters. Sometimes, a visitor can come to your house and suffer a serious injury that is attributed to your fault or negligence. If such a visitor decides to press charges, the financial losses that you shall incur can be detrimental. Renters insurance will come in handy to cover medical expenses as well as legal defense expenses. Whether you’re renting an apartment, townhome, duplex, condo, studio, or a loft, you can contact Marino Agency Inc. in Mt. Ephraim, NJ for a flexible coverage.

Financial Protection

Typically, your landlord’s homeowner’s insurance or the home association’s coverage will only cover the physical structure of the property. So, if an accidental fire consumes your personal belongings or burglars break into your house and walk away with your valuables, your landlord’s insurance coverage will not cover the loss. It is, therefore, paramount to secure your financial position by purchasing renters insurance. For more information about renters insurance, give us a call today and one of our knowledgeable agents will be online to speak with you.