3 Things to Know about Boat Insurance

The only option for providing coverage for boats and watercrafts, purchasing boat insurance is an important step in the process of purchasing and maintaining boats of all kinds. Before you purchase coverage for your boat or watercraft, the following is a short overview of 3 things you should know about boat insurance.

Size Matters

First of all, if you own a smaller boat, you may believe that home insurance covers boats of all kinds. However, unlike tugboats, and kayaks, larger boats require their own insurance policy. Keep this in mind before you purchase a boat.

Location and Experience

Furthermore, depending on what type of experience you have and where you will be boating, your insurance premiums could be more or less costly. For those who have certifiable experience, the cost will obviously be a tad less.

Ice and Freezing

Lastly, if you own a boat in a colder climate (as we know, New Jersey is no sunshine-filled paradise), you have the option to get coverage for ice and freezing. Given that the elements can cause major damage to your boat, purchasing additional ice and freezing coverage is ideal in these instances.

Overall, there are plenty of things you should know about boating insurance. However, the important thing to know is that coverage is required in order to keep your boat and/or watercraft protected at all kinds. For residents of Mt. Ephraim, NJ , Marino Agency Inc. is an excellent option for purchasing boat coverage. Simply contact them today to find out how you can start your policy ASAP and hopefully save some money as well. Call your friends at Marino Agnecy Inc. today.