Does My Condo Insurance Continue If I Transfer Ownership Of The Property To Another?

The very first thing that you should do if you’re considering selling your condo is to speak with your insurance agency. That may be a little tad zealous. We don’t have to be the first ones that you call but we shouldn’t be the last ones either. The agents at Marino Agency Inc. would like you to call your insurance agent within a reasonable timeframe upon selling your condo. Insurance does not transfer to the new owner automatically. It is that unique facet of an insurance product that stipulates that insurance covers you as an individual, a family, a couple and the piece of property. As a result that individual, family, couple care not interchangeable – it is specific.

Even if you are married and the condo becomes the property of another through death or divorce, it is still critical that the agency is contacted in order to write the new policy. Reasonable amounts of time are allotted for a transfer of ownership that was not planned on such as a death. The rationale is that different people have different insurance needs they bring different valuables to a home they may have a lifestyle that would affect their insurance.

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