Someone Knocked My Bike Over, Will My Motorcycle Insurance Cover It?

If someone knocks your bike over in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, and does some serious damage to it, insurance can help you to cover that, but it can get a little complicated depending on the circumstance.

If someone is decent enough to leave a note with their insurance information on it, or if you witness it and can talk it out with them, their auto insurance will handle the damages. It is unlikely that you’ll get much resistance from their insurer. It happens, of course. But insurance companies know that a lawsuit can be more expensive than replacing a broken mirror and kickstand, so most of them will play ball.

It gets a little complicated if they hit and run, and you don’t catch their license plate number, if they don’t carry car insurance, or if they weren’t in their car when it happened. In some instances, you may simply have no idea what happened. You’ll come outside and find your bike tipped over, and for all you know some stray dogs were fighting next to it, or some kids were playing on it and tipped it over.

But, in these instances, that’s what you have comprehensive and collision insurance for. It’s a good idea to carry uninsured driver insurance to make sure that you’re covered even if the person who ran into your bike is not.

As far as your insurer is concerned, a bike tipping over isn’t so different from damages to a parked car. If your car insurance will cover vandalism, your motorcycle insurance will cover some drunk guy leaning on your bike and knocking it over.

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