Common Flood Insurance Exclusions

If you live in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, you know floods can strike anytime, and that’s why you have invested in flood insurance from Marino Agency Inc.  Flood insurance protects your home structure and the contents inside when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, like other insurance policies, flood insurance has exclusions and limitations. With this in mind, flood insurance doesn’t cover the risks below:

Loss of use

Home insurance covers additional living expenses when your home is rendered unlivable by a peril listed in your policy. Regrettably, flood insurance doesn’t cover such expenses when flooding occurs.

In-house flooding

Flood insurance covers you when the damage results from overland flooding. However, flood insurance won’t cover any flooding occurring because of a malfunction inside the house. For instance, flood insurance won’t cover damage when leaky pipes or sewer backups cause in-house flooding.  

Earth movements

Flood insurance won’t cover damage from mudslides and landslides, even if the cause is flooding. For such damage, you have to turn to your earth movement coverage.

Movable properties

Flood insurance won’t cover your vehicles or any other movable asset. For your vehicle, consult with your insurer to determine whether your auto insurance policy covers flooding damage.

Detached properties

Typical flood insurance is unlikely to cover properties outside your main property, except for the detached garage. So, flood insurance won’t cover fences, sheds, patios, pools, or other properties outside your main building.

Flood insurance in Mt. Ephraim, NJ

Since home insurance doesn’t cover floods, it’s wise to invest in flood insurance. This coverage comes to your rescue when floods cause untold damage to your home. In light of this, would you like to invest in flood insurance? If yes, don’t wait any longer. Instead, get in touch with Marino Agency Inc. for a competitive quote.