What Does Life Insurance Cover?

Life insurance coverage in Mt. Ephraim, NJ can be discussed in two ways. There are the expenses it covers and the type of death it applies to.

Many people choose to get life insurance in Mt. Ephraim, NJ in order to cover many of these expenses:

Everyday Expenses and Monthly Bills: Whether you are the secondary or primary breadwinner, there are expenses that you will be leaving behind. The payout from life insurance can cover the bills and allow your family to keep their standard of living.

Co-Signed Debts: If you have any debt, the debt won’t die with you. Instead, your co-signer is responsible for the balance. Even if your loved ones aren’t co-signers, they may keep certain loans related to livelihood like the mortgage.

Childcare: Life insurance policies can cover childcare expenses. If a stay-at-home parent dies, the working spouse needs to pay for these services. If the breadwinner dies then the surviving spouse will have to shoulder the cost of childcare.

College Tuition: Even if you aren’t paying for college now, life insurance can be used to cover this expense down the line.

End-of-Life Expenses: The death of a loved one can create a financial burden with the costs of a burial and funeral.

Standard life insurance will cover almost every case of death related to an accident, illness, or natural cause. However, there are some caveats. If you aren’t sure what your policy covers, speak with an agent at Marino Agency Inc. Life insurance covers death from natural causes, accidental death, and murder. Some policies have a clause that won’t pay out if the beneficiary had a role to play in the policyholder’s death. Most policies will be rejected if the policyholder dies within two years of the start date and the death is ruled a suicide.

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When is commercial insurance required?

If you are an owner or manager of a business in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area you already know that there are a lot of risks that come with along with entrepreneurship. When you are trying to own or manage a business, one great way that you can mitigate some of these risks is by having commercial insurance. Not only is it helpful and beneficial, but it can also be required in some situations. 

Take Out a Loan

One situation in which you may need to have commercial insurance is if you take out a loan for your businesses. Most organizations and businesses today would benefit greatly by taking out a loan or other financial instrument. If you do take out a loan, your lender will undoubtedly require that you get appropriate insurance for your business. This is a necessity for a loan as the lender knows that this will protect your company during an unexpected situation. 

Hire Employees

You will also need to get commercial insurance if you choose to hire a staff. In the state of New Jersey, those that have employees are required to have workers compensation coverage at all times. This type of insurance coverage will provide insurance for the employee in the event they are injured while on the job and are not able to work. Not having the right coverage could be a major violation of state law. 

When you are looking to strengthen your Mt. Ephraim, NJ area business, you should reach out to the Marino Agency Inc. When you speak with the professionals at the Marino Agency Inc. you can learn far more about what your commercial insurance options are. They will then help you to pick the coverage and policy that is right for your company to ensure your business is properly protected. 

How Much Renter’s Insurance Is Enough?

If you are currently renting or leasing a home or apartment, you should consider purchasing renter’s insurance. This type of insurance can not only protect your belongings, but may offer different levels of liability coverage as well as temporary housing expenses if you are displaced as a result of a covered event. But, how much renter’s insurance is enough?

How Much Coverage Is Enough?

Selecting the right amount of insurance will require you to know exactly what you are covering. For instance, you will need to know that value of all of your electronics and major appliances to get an accurate figure. Your insurance won’t cover items like accessories and clothing. It is advised to keep photos of your belongings as well as the receipts for your purchases. Once you get a figure, you will want to purchase the next available amount of coverage. You may also need to give your agent some specific detail regarding your living situation to help submit paperwork and fine tune your policy details to match your needs. 

Your Agent Can Guide You Through Your Search

If you are in need of renter’s insurance, you can depend on a skilled agent to walk you through the process and outline the options you have to match your needs. If you live in or around the Mt. Ephraim NJ area, you should contact Marino Agency Inc. to get more details about high quality renter’s insurance products. They can make the process easier and explain all of the terms and conditions so you know exactly what coverage you’re purchasing. 

Renter’s insurance is an excellent tool for providing you with protection in a variety of ways. Residents of the Mt. Ephraim NJ area should call or stop by Marino Agency Inc. to speak with an agent about their options for coverage. 

What are your RV Insurance Needs in Mt. Ephraim, NJ

Owning a recreational vehicle can provide you with many great experiences. When you do own your own RV in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, it is important that you understand all of your RV insurance needs. There are several things that you need to get out of your RV insurance policy when you own an RV in this area.

Liability Insurance

When you have an RV in New Jersey, it is important that you know your base liability insurance needs. Operators of an RV will need to have the same liability insurance on their RV as any other vehicle owner. This will include making sure that you have a minimum level of bodily injury and property damage insurance. This will ensure that you are in compliance with state law and also are covered during situations in which you are found liable for losses.

Asset Protection If you own an RV, you also need to make sure that it is properly covered by insurance. Through an RV insurance policy, you can be assured that your RV will have to be covered if it is ever stolen, damaged, or vandalized. This will prove to be very beneficial if you happen to experience a loss to your RV. 

When you are trying to insure your RV, you need to make sure that you get the insurance in place that properly protects your asset. For those that are in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, one of the best things that you can do would be to contact Marino Agency Inc. When you reach out to Marino Agency Inc. you will quickly find that the professionals are very knowledgeable about auto insurance and can help to protect you and your RV.  

The Top Ways to Save on Your Motorcycle Insurance

Are you looking to get a motorcycle, or already have one and need to get or switch insurance? This can be a daunting task even for people who have some experience with the matter. Learn how you can save some money on your motorcycle insurance today.

Purchase an Older Vehicle

If you were to buy an older motorcycle, you may qualify for classic insurance. This will help you pay less insurance on the vehicle. Of course, there’s also the likelihood you’ll spend less on a motorcycle that’s not necessarily among the most coveted out there, and has been sitting around in someone’s garage for a while.

Ditch the Modifications

Are you thinking of getting mods on your bike? If so, you may want to reconsider. This is because you will likely have to pay higher insurance premiums on a motorcycle that has had modifications done to it.

Security Measures Are Key

It is a great idea to have security features added to your bike. This includes a ground anchor or a top-notch alarm system. Anything really that protects your bike and your level of safety on it is sure to increase your savings when you get motorcycle insurance.

Have Experience

This doesn’t help someone who is new to riding a motorbike, but it does pay to have experience. You’ll save a great deal off your insurance with what is known as claims-free experience. However, if you’re an inexperienced rider, you can take advanced training on top of your Compulsory Basic Training.

All in all, you stand the chance to lower your motorcycle insurance premiums if you look out for an older motorcycle to purchase, add some features for security, and can show that you a not a risky cyclist. Reach out to Marino Agency Inc. with your questions. This agency has been serving the greater Mt. Ephraim, NJ area and can steer you in the right direction for quality insurance.

Does My Condo Insurance Continue If I Transfer Ownership Of The Property To Another?

The very first thing that you should do if you’re considering selling your condo is to speak with your insurance agency. That may be a little tad zealous. We don’t have to be the first ones that you call but we shouldn’t be the last ones either. The agents at Marino Agency Inc. would like you to call your insurance agent within a reasonable timeframe upon selling your condo. Insurance does not transfer to the new owner automatically. It is that unique facet of an insurance product that stipulates that insurance covers you as an individual, a family, a couple and the piece of property. As a result that individual, family, couple care not interchangeable – it is specific.

Even if you are married and the condo becomes the property of another through death or divorce, it is still critical that the agency is contacted in order to write the new policy. Reasonable amounts of time are allotted for a transfer of ownership that was not planned on such as a death. The rationale is that different people have different insurance needs they bring different valuables to a home they may have a lifestyle that would affect their insurance.

Located in Mt. Ephraim, NJ 08O59, Marino Agency Inc. is centrally located for the ease of our clientele. Serving Mt. Ephraim, NJ and the surrounding areas we have years of experience that you can benefit from. Call us today to speak to one of our agents regarding your condo insurance . If you are interested in other types of insurance we will be able to assist you as well. We also underwrite auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, commercial insurance, long term care insurance, as well as flood insurance. 

What Is A Health Insurance Deductible?

As you shop for health insurance, it’s important to look at what the total cost of healthcare is going to be. While you may be focused on the monthly premium that you pay in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, there are other fees to look at, too. One of these is the deductible.

Most health insurance plans require you to pay a co-pay when you visit the doctor. This is the fee that you are responsible for. Then, the rest is paid for by your health insurance. At Marino Agency Inc., our goal is to help you to understand these fees better.

The deductible is what you are responsible for above and beyond the co-pay, especially for major surgeries, visits to specialists, and more. You may have to reach an out-of-pocket deductible for you individually or for your family as a whole before the insurance company will pay for everything. Depending on the plan, this could be several thousand dollars.

The average family doesn’t reach their deductible, which means they pay out money throughout the year with little to no hope that insurance will pay for everything. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re paying full-price, either. 

It can be overwhelming to find the health insurance policy that is right for you because many people fail to look at the deductible. They use the monthly premiums and their co-pays as a guide to see what they can afford. You need to weigh in the deductible, too, so that you don’t get stuck paying out too much in the event that something major happens, like someone breaking their arm or leg.

When you’re shopping for health insurance, find out what all of the expenses are going to be. Call us at Marino Agency Inc. to get help with finding health insurance that fits your budget in Mt. Ephraim, NJ.


The right boat insurance policy will protect your craft on and off the water

Residents in the greater Mt. Ephraim, NJ area love nothing more than getting out on their boats during our nice summer months. Now is the perfect time of year to conduct maintenance on your vessel, including a full review of your boat policy. The team at the Marino Agency Inc. is here to help you with all of your boating insurance needs. Make sure that you are protected, both on and off the water, with a comprehensive boat policy.

Protect your boat all year round

Your craft requires insurance coverage all year round, even if you only use it during the summer months. A comprehensive boat policy can protect your property when it is in storage, on the water, or on your trailer en route to the marina. In addition to collision coverage, a comprehensive boat policy will protect your craft from theft or damage even if it is not in use. Owning a boat can provide a lot of enjoyment for you and your family, but it is also a major investment. If you only have a basic policy, you can be leaving yourself open to liability in the event of an accident or mishap. Make this summer on the water even more enjoyable with the protection that a comprehensive boat policy provides.

Whether you are a long-time boat owner or are looking to purchase your first vessel in the near future, the team at Marino Agency Inc. can help you find the right policy to meet your needs. Protect yourself and your boat, both on and off the water, with a comprehensive boat policy. If you are in the greater Mt. Ephraim, NJ area call or stop by our office today to learn more!

3 Things to Know about Boat Insurance

The only option for providing coverage for boats and watercrafts, purchasing boat insurance is an important step in the process of purchasing and maintaining boats of all kinds. Before you purchase coverage for your boat or watercraft, the following is a short overview of 3 things you should know about boat insurance.

Size Matters

First of all, if you own a smaller boat, you may believe that home insurance covers boats of all kinds. However, unlike tugboats, and kayaks, larger boats require their own insurance policy. Keep this in mind before you purchase a boat.

Location and Experience

Furthermore, depending on what type of experience you have and where you will be boating, your insurance premiums could be more or less costly. For those who have certifiable experience, the cost will obviously be a tad less.

Ice and Freezing

Lastly, if you own a boat in a colder climate (as we know, New Jersey is no sunshine-filled paradise), you have the option to get coverage for ice and freezing. Given that the elements can cause major damage to your boat, purchasing additional ice and freezing coverage is ideal in these instances.

Overall, there are plenty of things you should know about boating insurance. However, the important thing to know is that coverage is required in order to keep your boat and/or watercraft protected at all kinds. For residents of Mt. Ephraim, NJ , Marino Agency Inc. is an excellent option for purchasing boat coverage. Simply contact them today to find out how you can start your policy ASAP and hopefully save some money as well. Call your friends at Marino Agnecy Inc. today.

The Benefits of Buying Life Insurance When You Are Young

There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing life insurance. Life insurance provides those you leave behind with money to continue to live the life they are used to with your income once you have passed, and helps to cover your final expenses. Many young people put off buying life insurance. But here at Marino Agency Inc. serving the greater Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, we would like to tell you why it can be beneficial to buy life insurance when you are young. 

The Cost

One of the major benefits associated with purchasing life insurance when you are young is the cost. It is generally much cheaper to purchase life insurance when you are young and healthy, compared to when you are older. Depending on the type of life insurance policy you purchase, you can lock in a price for several years in advance or for the course of your lifespan. 

Pre-Existing Conditions

The other benefit to purchasing life insurance when you are younger is you likely have fewer pre-existing conditions. As you age, you begin to develop conditions that can affect your ability to get a life insurance policy or can dramatically affect the cost. Once you develop a condition, it can be hard to get a policy, or an affordable one. Buying when you are young and healthy gives you the opportunity to buy a policy that may cover you decades into the future or throughout the duration of your life. 

Do you need to purchase life insurance in the greater Mt. Ephraim, NJ area? Then let Marino Agency Inc. help you. Contact us today and let us help find you the right policy for your needs.