Why Should I Invest in Life Insurance?

Acquiring Mt. Ephraim, NJ, life insurance is instrumental because it eliminates the chances of your dependents struggling with financial constraints upon your untimely demise. It’s also crucial if you have outstanding debts and a business entity. The life we live today is full of uncertainties, therefore, requiring a formidable contingency plan. Life insurance instills peace of mind by being almost confident that your beneficiaries will continue the quality of life you are accustomed to them while living in case of an unforeseen event like premature death. Are you a Mt. Ephraim, NJ resident in need of life insurance to ensure that your family and loved ones don’t strain financially when you are gone away? Please get in touch with our agents at Marino Agency Inc in designing a spectacular coverage that goes a long way in safeguarding your dependents financially when your untimely death strikes.

Is life insurance a worthwhile asset?

Investing in life insurance is a prudent idea in Mt. Ephraim, NJ because it is beneficial in the following ways:

To cover outstanding debts.

Did you know that your beneficiaries can use savings from your life insurance to offset expenditures such as loans and college education fees for your children? In addition, this policy can get extended on payments of other prevailing debts such as credit card bills or pending car mortgages.

Death benefits are exempted from taxation

Suppose you invest in life insurance and die unexpectedly upon prompt submission of premiums. In that case, your beneficiaries will enjoy the total amount of death benefit without any form of taxation while submitting their file returns.

 Cater to beneficiaries living expenses

Residents of Mt. Ephraim, NJ does not have to worry about those depending on them to undergo any form of financial suffering. They get peace of mind knowing that in case of anything, their living expenses are covered. 

It covers chronic and terminal illnesses

If the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is expected to live for just 12 months, their medical bills are covered under their life insurance. This concern is a great way to show that the insurance company cares for the well-being of its members.

Are you a resident of Mt. Ephraim, NJ searching for salient life insurance to safeguard the future financial goals for your family and loved ones? Please speak to our agents at Marino Agency Inc today and get started with your life insurance.

What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

At the Marino Agency Inc., we are ready to discuss business interruption insurance with business owners as we serve Mt. Ephraim, NJ.  Also called business income coverage, it provides some financial relief for your enterprise if named perils in your policy cause your operations to be temporarily halted.

Why Business Interruption Insurance Is Important

This insurance may be part of your commercial property insurance policy or it may be an endorsement. You may ask,  Why do I need business interruption insurance when I have property insurance?

Well, in the event of a fire or other peril designated by your policy, your insurer covers the loss of only tangible items. So, if you own a restaurant, kitchen equipment, appliances and furniture that are destroyed would be covered. 

Two Specifics of Business Income Coverage 

Business interruption insurance is all about the money that comes in and goes out. This kind of policy helps you replace the net income you would expect if you were not shut down. It also helps you pay net operating expenses during closure.

Though business interruption insurance can provide income while your business is being restored, it is active only for the perils named in your policy.  An all-risk policy, which covers more perils (except those excluded in writing) may be available.

Business interruption insurance is especially recommended for businesses whose permanent location is vital to generating income. In this category are restaurants, retail stores, hair salons, nail salons, barbershops, etc.

As a family-owned and family-operated business serving Mt. Ephraim, NJ, we treat you like a neighbor. Contact us at the Marino Agency Inc. to discuss how business interruption can make your business operations more secure.

RV Insurance Tips

Owning an RV is no longer just for those who are retiring and wanting to travel the world. Younger people are now hitting the road while living in an RV, especially since this option offers a lower-cost vacation option. However, before heading out on vacation, RV owners in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, should consult with an insurance expert to verify they are fully protected. 

Below are some insurance tips for those looking to travel in their RV. Those needing help with RV insurance coverage can reach out to Marino Agency Inc. to discuss coverage options. 

Get Basic Coverage

It is essential to make sure the RV is insured before going out on an upcoming road trip. Depending on how much the RV is used can affect the amount of insurance needed. Though many other options can benefit an RV owner, at minimum, you should get basic coverage. 

Talk To An Expert

Take some time to speak with an expert about RV insurance options available. Speaking directly with an insurance agent can help determine which policy and options are best for the RV owner’s needs.

Purchase Vacation Liability

Accidents can occur anywhere, and when traveling in an RV, you will be visiting natural areas and campsites. Vacation liability covers you and your family against any property damage at the campsite or surrounding area. It also covers any bodily injury incurred during your vacation. 

Include Trailer, Golf Cart or Toy Insurance

Bringing extra items, such as a trailer, golf cart, ATV, water skis, etc., purchase additional coverage for these items. Likewise, towing these items behind the RV includes extra coverage to protect you if they come loose while driving. 

Getting out in an RV allows Mt. Ephraim, NJ residents have the opportunity to take a vacation with all the comforts of home. When ready to go out in the RV, contact Marino Agency Inc. to discuss insurance coverage options and how to protect yourself while out on the open road. 

Benefits of Getting Motorcycle Insurance

Having a motorcycle comes with its benefits, from its low maintenance costs to the freedom it affords you from cruising to otherwise unreachable destinations. But even with these advantages, none comes close to signing up for motorcycle insurance. Below, Marino Agency Inc. takes you through the benefits of getting motorcycle insurance for your Mt. Ephraim, NJ rides.

Legal Adherence

No matter how much of an adventure seeker you are, staying on the right side of the law is crucial in helping you get a worthwhile experience. Numerous states require motorcycle riders to carry some level of insurance, with liability coverage being an essential safeguard for this. Failure to show proof of insurance could leave you with penalties, with an example of this being license revocation. One way to avoid this is getting motorcycle insurance, ensuring you eliminate such setbacks.

Helps You Cover Your Costs of Injuries and Property Damage

If you are involved in an accident and get hurt, or your bike gets broken, this policy will help you cover the ensuing costs. This can be through policies such as collision coverage, medical payments coverage or uninsured coverage. Depending on your injuries or damages, you are assured of medical costs coverage and any repair or replacement costs arising from an emergency.

Provides Compensation for 3rd Party Injuries and Property Damage

Even with the state being a no-fault state, getting motorcycle insurance will still come in handy during your rides, primarily when you are found liable for an accident. Rather than paying for the costs of 3rd party treatment fees or property damage out of your pocket, motorcycle coverage will help you cater for these expenses. If you are also sued for damages caused or injuries sustained by other parties, motorcycle insurance enables you to pay your legal fees and damages resulting from your lawsuit.

Road accidents can happen at any time, making motorcycle insurance a safety net when you get caught up with unexpected hazards. If you need motorcycle coverage within Mt. Ephraim, NJ, call Marino Agency Inc. today for custom policies made with biking adventures in mind.

Can I Buy Health Insurance on My Own in Mt. Ephraim, NJ?

Navigating the health insurance arena on your own can be tough, especially in New Jersey. Under the Market Preservation Act, all New Jersey residents are required to have health insurance throughout the year (some exemptions available). And if your employer or other insurance providers do not have healthcare options, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right health insurance for you and your family.

At Marino Agency Inc., serving the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, we take out all the guesswork. So you can focus on doing the things you enjoy while we focus on taking care of you and your health insurance needs.

It can be daunting to try to find the right coverage for you, especially if you have not needed to see a doctor in a long time. But just because you have not needed a doctor does not mean you will never need one. Medical problems and emergencies can strike when you least expect them, and it is good to have a quality health care plan. Otherwise, you could be left paying hefty medical bills, or prescription costs on your own.

We know how stressful it can be to try and keep up with all the changes with health insurance. That is why here at Marino Agency Inc., we are dedicated to helping you. There is no stone left unturned when it comes to finding the right health insurance policy for you. That way you can keep living a healthy life, even when an emergency strikes.

Contact Marino Agency Inc., serving Mt. Ephraim, NJ, to learn more about our services and coverage options. We will gladly answer any health insurance questions you may have and help you find the policy that is right for you.

Understand Flood Insurance Before Catastrophe Strikes

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in the United States. Unfortunately, homeowners’ insurance policies do not include flood damage. But that doesn’t mean that you should stay without any protection against flooding. You need to purchase flood insurance to protect your assets.

If you’re buying a new home, first find out if the area is prone to flooding. The National Flood Insurance Program has more information on the most affected areas.

However, even if you don’t live in the most flood-prone areas there is a chance you may experience some loss due to flooding. In fact, about 20 percent of flood claims come from areas with the lowest risk of flooding.

That means you need to prepare in advance in case floods strike. You’ll need to get the best flooding and adequate coverage. If you need flooding insurance quotes in Mt. Ephraim NJ, Marino Agency Inc. is here to help you understand what you need to do before catastrophe strikes.

Facts About Flooding Insurance

Before you purchase flood insurance, the following are some things you should know.

  1. You need to secure a different coverage apart from your homeowners’ insurance. Only a particular flood insurance policy can safeguard your property against flood damage.
  2. In most cases, you need to buy flood insurance from an insurer under contract with FEMA since flood insurance is a preserve of the federal government.
  3. You need separate coverages for your structure and personal belongings. While the building is covered under replacement cost, personal items are only secured through cash value.
  4. Your car is not covered by flood insurance. You’ll need to get its protection under comprehensive auto insurance.

Buy Flood Insurance

Before you purchase a flood insurance policy, you need to understand what it covers exactly. Adequate protection means you live risk-free from dangers posed by floods.

Do you have any questions regarding flood insurance in Mt. Ephraim, NJ. Our Marino Agency Inc. professionals are ready to help you with answers. You can then make an informed decision about buying flood insurance.

Coverage Options for Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you ride your motorcycle to work or enjoy taking it out for your weekend rides around El Centro, CA, finding the right coverage will be essential to keep it protected at all times. To help you navigate the world of motorcycle policies, take a look at some options by Armorcrest Insurance Services.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance falls under the state’s compulsory policies and will come in handy in paying for property damages caused during an accident and bodily injuries to other people. Property damage extends to the repairs and costs of replacement to other motorists’ vehicles along with the destruction of structures. On the other hand, Bodily injury coverage covers medical expenses and lost wages claims after other parties experience significant injuries.  

Medical Payments Policy

This second coverage provides protection to you when you get injured in an accident. It covers costs related to medical bills and examinations arising from bodily injury. In addition to paying for your hospital bills, your passengers are also covered by the medical payments policy.

Collision Coverage

When you get into an impact crash with another motorist or hit objects during your drives, collision coverage will take care of damages resulting from these incidents.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage pays for damages resulting from a non-collision accident. These include destruction from hail, fire, and vandalism. Theft is also included under this coverage which helps you get back to your former position.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

While riding without minimum liability coverage is generally advised against, you may occasionally get into an accident with motorists without any protection. When this happens, uninsured coverage will take care of any injuries that you or your passengers sustain and any property damage that you experience. If you also encounter an underinsured motorist, underinsured coverage helps take care of your medical expenses and property damage.

Before setting out on your next adventure, consider giving Armorcrest Insurance Services a call. We understand the motorcycle policies are never a one-size-fits-all; that is why we provide tailor-made coverage options suited to El Centro, CA riders.

Life Insurance Can Give You and Your Family Peace of Mind

There are a lot of ways to get more peace of mind in life, and one of those ways is through life insurance. If you’re in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area and need this kind of coverage, Marino Agency Inc. can help. Our knowledgeable and professional agents understand that protecting yourself and your family matters, and it can be very important for the present and the future. There’s no reason to spend time being worried about how your family would make it if something happened to you when you can provide them with help and support through the right insurance policy.

If you’re not sure what type of policy would be best for you, or if you aren’t sure about coverage levels and options, you’re not alone. But we’re here to help. Our agents will be happy to discuss policies with you, so you can get your questions answered and find the kind of policy that’s going to fit your goals. Because this type of insurance is about protecting your family’s future, you’ll want to carefully consider what you provide to them and what they might need if you weren’t able to provide that help anymore. Then you can use that as a guide to select the right policy for your specific situation.

Reach out to us at the Marino Agency Inc. today. If you’re in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area and need life insurance, we’re here to help you find the right policy choice and make sure you have protection and peace of mind for the future. Then you can get back to living life with your family, and enjoying all that the local area has to offer. You’ll be able to put your worries aside, and that can make for some great adventures and memories.

Everything you need to know about condo insurance

Condos are a popular housing option for residents of Mt. Ephraim, NJ. Insuring a condo is similar to insuring a free-standing home. It offers a variety of coverages that are designed to give condo owners peace of mind. At Marino Agency Inc. we are independent agents which means we can offer our clients lots of options in both carriers and price. 

Condo insurance doesn’t have to cover quite as much of your home as home insurance does. Your condo association insurances the exterior of your building and the common areas. This means the exterior siding, windows, and roof are not your responsibility. You need to know exactly where the condo association policy ends and yours begins. Many policies are walls in so you need to worry about everything that is permanently inside your unit others include basic fixtures like bathrooms and original cabinets but not upgrades. 

Your personal property is covered on your condo insurance. You need to decide if you prefer actual cash value or replacement cost. With actual cash value, the depreciated value is what you receive. For example, if your fridge is 7 years old it will not have the same cash value as a new one. With replacement cost, you will get what you need to buy a new similar fridge. 

Condo insurance includes liability insurance which protects you in the event someone is injured while visiting your condo or by a member of your family. It pays for medical expenses, legal expenses in the event you are sued, and for the judgment up to the limit listed on your policy declaration. 

If your condo is damaged, loss of use coverage will help to keep a roof over your head.  

Contact the Marino Agency Inc. in Mt. Ephraim, NJ if you have any questions about condo insurance. or to get a free quote. 

Who needs boat insurance in New Jersey?

When you are in the Mt. Ephraim, NJ area, you are likely used to very warm summers that have long sunny days. While there are plenty of great things that you can do in this area on a day off in the summer, one of the best activities to enjoy would be to take a boat out onto a local waterway. Before buying a boat, it is very important that you consider your boat insurance needs. There are several situations when someone will need to get boat insurance here.

Those with Boat Loans Need Insurance

One situation when someone is going to need a boat insurance policy is when they need a loan to buy it. For those that own a boat and take out a boat loan, the lender will have boat insurance requirements that you need to meet. This coverage will help to protect the lender’s collateral and some banks may check to ensure that you retain coverage at all times.

Insurance Required by Many Marinas

When you want to use a marina in this area of New Jersey, there is a good chance that you will be required to carry boat insurance at all times. A boat insurance policy will include protection for your boat while also giving you liability protection. This ultimately ensures that you are able to pay for any damages that you could cause in an accident. Since it ultimately protects the marina and all other boat owners, having boat insurance is often required. 

Anyone with a boat in Mt. Ephraim, NJ should get boat insurance. The team at Marino Agency Inc. is a great resource when you are looking for a policy. If you call Marino Agency Inc. the team can provide the guidance and support needed to pick a policy that is right for you and your boat.