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Condo Insurance in New Jersey

With a big city just across the Delaware River, there are a lot of condominiums in Mt Ephraim, NJ. You need insurance, but it can get complicated in New Jersey, or anywhere. Local insurance agents such as the Marino Agency Inc. can help you find just the right policy for your situation. Condominium insurance is very similar to homeowners insurance, but there are just enough differences to make it complicated.

With a free standing house, there are different policies than there are with a condominium. It gets more complicated because your unit is attached directly to other units in the same building. The owner of the complex itself is responsible for certain things, and there may be rules concerning the condo that could also come into effect.

Knowing what is covered and what is not is very important. In Mt Ephraim, NJ coverage includes the dwelling itself obviously, for things not covered by the building owner. Personal property, loss of use and personal injury to you or others, are also things that are covered in New Jersey.

Knowing what is not covered is also critical, Flooding is not covered, but you might be covered for water damage. Earthquakes, or mudslides usually not also not covered. Normal wear and tear is not covered, but you may be covered for the weight of ice and snow that causes damage. Vandalism, explosions and rioting may be covered, but acts of war, or nuclear accidents, are generally not covered.

Flood insurance is another type of insurance that is administered through a national program, and your local insurance agent can also help you get flood insurance. 

You may come and visit the Marino Agency Inc. to find the right policy for your situation. Our agents can help you work through the maze to get the right coverage. You may also visit our website and use our rating tool to get an idea of what insurance might cost. Contact us today to make sure you are protected.

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