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Flood Insurance in New Jersey

The National Flood Insurance Program works with local insurance agents like the Marino Agency Inc. to get flood insurance to citizens. Mt Ephraim, NJ is an approved city in this program, so local agents can offer flood insurance.

New Jersey is also part of the program, and there are many areas prone to floods, and some are not. There is a federal flood plain map that shows what your risk is, based on data over the last 100 years. Of course high risk areas can be anywhere, and it is not always obvious to the casual observer. 

Contact the Marino Agency Inc. to find out what your risk is, and what your options are locally. Even if you are not in a high risk area, you may still purchase insurance if you wish.  If your risk is high, or even medium, it is a good idea to get insurance, but you may also want the peace of mind of having it even if the risk is not great.

Homeowners insurance is required if you have a loan, and in high risk areas, flood insurance may be required if you have a loan as well. It is important to understand that homeowners insurance often does not cover flood insurance.  There are also time limits.  You cannot buy flood insurance when a flood is very likely to happen in a few days, for instance.  There is also a waiting period of a few months when you get flood insurance.

New Jersey has been in this program for a long time, and local agents are well versed at the particulars. In Mt Ephraim, NJ flood insurance is available for residential and commercial customers. Come by our office today, or give us a call, to see what we can offer you regarding flood insurance. We can help you check the maps to find out how much of a risk you have, and explain your options. 

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