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Motorcycle Insurance in New Jersey

Motorcycle insurance is similar to automobile insurance in many ways. In New Jersey you must register your motorcycle, and you must have motorcycle insurance. There are minimum requirements for liability coverage, and you may opt for more coverage just as you would for an automobile. Local insurance agents like the Marino Agency Inc. can help you sort out the best coverage for your individual situation.

A motorcycle is most often a two-wheeled vehicle with a motor. For legal purposes in New Jersey, this type of vehicle can also be defined as a bicycle with a motor attached, or a three-wheeler. In Mt Ephraim, NJ, you will have to get any such vehicle registered at the state.  Dirt bikes may be used on private property, but they too require liability insurance.  You have to have a title first, and then you can get insurance.  There are a few obscure types or brands of motorcycles that do not have a title, and the state of New Jersey has some steps you can take to get legal if you are in that situation.


Similar to automobile insurance, you may want to have more than just liability coverage. There is collision and comprehensive available. Collision covered any damage to your motorcycle as the result of an accident, while comprehensive covers damage that did not happen due to an accident.  Medical, towing and labor are other types of insurance you might consider. As with an automobile, the value of the motorcycle, and whether you have a loan, will determine whether you need collision coverage.

In the Mt Ephraim, NJ area, come visit or call the Marino Agency Inc., to get up to date on all your insurance needs. If you are an existing customer, or looking for new insurance, visit us to find out how we can help you get the coverage you need for your motorcycle.  It is the law to have insurance, and we can help you make sure you have the best policy to fit your situation.

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